ExcelClad Ventair

Product Condition: New
The use of ventilated cladding sheets helps to create a cleaner and healthier environment in livestock housing. Humidity within the building combined with lower outside temperatures creates condensation.

A damp humid atmosphere is one of the worst environmental conditions of animal housing. Too high a temperature results in animals displaying metabolic rates leading to poor conversion rates.

To avoid these problems fresh air must circulate constantly.Moist air must be evacuated and replaced with clean air.

Ventair is made in ExcelClad 1000-32 Reverse box profile with no ribs in 0.5mm Polyester and Plastisol. 
Specifically shaped louvers are cut into the broad ribs.
Louvers are cut across the full width of the sheet and to any length required down the sheet.

Advantages of Ventair

Weather Proof
Ventair has been shown to be weatherproof under all conditions. Ventair does not become heavier with water (unlike Yorkshire Boarding) which can cause sagging.

Vandal Proof 
Most vandal proof for the ventilation systems.

Light Admitting
Ventair admits 18% of the light available at low aspect.

Thin Material
Tests have shown that thicker materials, e.g.. Yorkshire Boarding, tends to reduce passage of air.

Ventair requires very little maintenance

Acoustic Panel
Excellent constructor of noise

* 1m of Ventair sheeting is the equivalent of 6 boards of Yorkshire Boarding *