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ExcelClad holds extensive stocks of GRP rooflights in a wide range of sizes and profiles to match our range of forward and reverse profile sheeting, as well as some other manufacturers.

When you need help to source rooflights to match obscure and discontinued profiles of asbestos, fibre cement and metal sheets, our profile matching service is invaluable.

As standard we stock 2.44kg/m2 (8oz) weight and Class 3 Fire Rated grade GRP’s for external sheeting, and 1.83kg/m2 (6oz) weight and Class 1 Fire Rated for internal lining.  These rooflights have UV protective polyester film to the weather face to limit yellowing and to extend the lifespan of the sheet.  We can supply alternate weights and fire ratings on request.

G.R.P (glass reinforced plastic) rooflights are a lot more durable then basic clear PVC sheets and are used to provide natural light into buildings.

We keep in stock standard (class 3) GRP rooflights in 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 16ft lengths for the following profiles:

  • 32/1000 box profile
  • 34/1000 box profile
  • Traditional 3" (14/3) corrugated profile
  • Big 6 profile

In addition we can also manufacture bespoke GRP rooflights in any profile, class and weight you may require, including 'Step-safe' sheets and coloured GRP sheets.