Anti-Condensation Sheets

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ExcelClad offer single skin roof sheets with anti-condensation felt applied to the underside of the sheets. This product has been tried and tested, which is popular across all industries worldwide, and is an economical way of dealing with condensation.

The condensation control fleece is a self-adhesive polyester fleece designed for un-insulated single skin metal roofs and buildings with high humidity levels and poor ventilation. This reduces risk of damage from dripping or running condensates.

Advantages of Anti-Condensation Roofing Sheets
  • Bacteria resistant
  • Prevents dripping from the underside of the sheets
  • Easy to keep clean
  • More economical than traditional solutions
  • Slows the formation of condensate by insulating the sheet
  • Drains condensate safely down the slope of the roof to the gutter

The problem of Condensation
Un-insulated roofs with single skin metal sheeting are likely to suffer from condensation when the metal sheeting is cooled during the winter, or on cold clear nights.

When warm air within the building cools on contact with the metal sheeting, the air cannot support the same quantity of water vapour, and becomes saturated, with any excess water vapour condensing on the underside of the sheeting.
This condensate can drip from the roof, wetting the building's fittings and/or contents, or may run down the roof and collect elsewhere within the building fabric, where it can cause rust, rot or damage to fittings.
On frosty nights, particularly with the white Hoare frosts, the condensate freezes overnight and then next day as the day warms up the now substantial condensate drips onto the contents of the building wetting them sometimes in a considerable way.
Condensation is the most common form of dampness encountered in buildings and building regulations require designers to prevent harmful condensation forming on or within building elements.